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Discover how you can give your child the best advice about technology


Dr Jo has collaborated with government organisations to develop resources to help parents support their child’s digital literacy. The resources are based on the latest research and provide parents with practical tips and advice.

When you were growing up there were no iPads, or Google and you didn’t have to worry about your digital identity. Now you’re responsible for raising a child whose life will revolve around technology, and who will have to be tech-smart and tech-safe. You only have one chance to get this right.

Dr Jo’s specially designed TechClever Parents course will show you how to:

  • Reduce stress and struggles in the home

  • Make technology work for you and your child

  • Be confident in your parenting

  • Be sure you’re keeping your child safe online


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Dr Jo has contributed the following parental resources to Government websites

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Technology as a reward - your free fact sheet

Discover what you can do at home to make change for the better


Do you promise to give your child extra time on their iPad if they’re good when you go out, or if they’re quiet when you have work to do at home? We’re all guilty of it but do you know the damaging effects if can have on your child?