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Enhancing the
digital wellbeing of
kids and adults


 About Dr Jo (PhD, M.Ed, B.Ed)

Hi, I’m Dr Joanne Orlando, a family digital literacy expert and educator and I’m committed to enhancing the digital wellbeing of kids and adults.

I’m a speaker, TV presenter, advisor, commentator and analyst who relentlessly explores how we can make children’s digital lives better. I explore why children use technology in the ways they do, how this differs to adults’ digital use, and what works and doesn’t work for each generation.

From this I develop meaningful approaches to online safety and digital wellbeing, how children can maximise technology to enhance their lives, and the best solutions to social, health and educational changes and challenges that emerge from children’s technology uses.

This knowledge enhances digital literacy, and I believe this is the key to digital wellbeing for both children and their parents!



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Full Biography

About Dr Jo’s expertise and experience

Dr Jo (PhD, M.Ed, B.Ed) is leading international expert on family and digital lifestyles. She is best known for her ground breaking insights into how to enhance children’s online safety, digital activity and wellbeing. Dr Jo’s insights come from her own cutting-edge research with children, evidence from science, social science and health, lessons from popular culture, and her own everyday observations and experiences that explore how we can make our digital lives better.

Dr Jo is committed to and works regularly with industry to inform policy and practice regarding children and family digital lifestyle. She is as an accomplished speaker who distils complex ideas into fresh perspectives and solutions to diverse audiences. Dr Jo regularly works with the Education, Technology, and Health industry as an expert advisor, writer, on-camera presenter, and workshop facilitator. She works closely with key multi-national industry including Apple and Norton.

You will regularly see Dr Jo presenting on TV as an expert, including on The Morning Show, The Today Show, The Project, Daily Edition, the news, and regular radio and podcast segments. Dr Jo’s expertise was recently featured on 7:30 Report, and Sunday Life. She is an op-ed columnist for The Sydney Morning Herald, and has published a long list of articles globally.

Dr Jo is best-known for introducing new movements into our everyday life. She introduced the term ‘Sharenting,’ the implications of parents sharing their kid’s images online. Her initial article was read over ½ million times in first two hours, and led to Dr Jo being interviewed worldwide. She also introduced us to the term ‘Finsta’ (Teen’s fake Instagram accounts), a term which has also circled the globe and included in pop-culture TV programs such as ‘Younger’. 

Most recently Joanne launched her own brand TechClever, a digital literacy education program for parents and children. She was formerly a writer for ABC PlaySchool. When away from her own screen, you’ll find Joanne hiking up and down mountains, travelling, and hanging out with her kids and dog Jasper.


Pearls of wisdom from Dr Jo

Quotes that matter from Dr Jo’s articles and appearances

‘Online hoaxes that threaten your kids one day, and turn out to be fake the next, are mentally and emotionally exhausting for kids and adults. Parents can feel an increasing lack of control. But this doesn’t need to be the case. There are tools and tricks you can apply to help you spot a hoax.’

The Conversation

‘Technology has undoubtedly become essential for productivity and communication in our professional and personal lives. However, the most prominent reason users of all ages reach for their device is not to work, but to "zombie check". These are the unthinking times you use your device throughout the day to avoid boredom.’


‘Taking smartphones away from classrooms will cease smartphone distraction, but there is no guarantee it will lead to Aussie kids achieving better standards. Results will only improve if kids are engaged in learning and this happens when they see the relevance in school learning.’

Sydney Morning Herald

‘In my research with teenagers about their technology use, they are very quick to flip the tables and point out the violence and aggression that is part of real, traditional sport. And they have a point. Many parents feel the hypocrisy of barracking their child on the footy field shouting out ‘go hard… tackle them…don’t be a princess!’, yet complaining about on screen violence.’

Sydney Morning Herald


Discover what others have to say about working with Joanne

It was a huge honour to have Joanne as our opening speaker for the 2019 Western Australia Education Summit. Her powerful and engaging keynote focussed on uses of artificial intelligence in the classroom and revealed implications associated with their use. Exploring the relationship between AI and language, and what that means for education was not only fascinating but very relevant to our audience, and perfectly set the scene for the rest of the day’s events. The feedback on the day was incredible and we have had many schools seek further information on Jo’s work since the event. (June, 2019)
— -Sarah Fearne, Marketing Manager/Conference Convenor Western Australia Education Summit

Jo was a dynamic and engaging keynote speaker who bought fantastic energy to our conference last month. Jo’s presentation topic of De-mystifying ‘digital transformation’ for educational leaders tackled many of the key challenges being faced by education leadership in the Middle East when it comes to technology adoption and implementation. Jo combined theory and practice to fully engage the delegates and I loved the way that she included accessible tools and tips which could be taken back and applied across many educational settings in the Middle East and Africa region. Jo was an absolute delight to work with from beginning to end and I hope we can work together again in the future. (May, 2019)
— Liz Rankin Content Producer - Bett Middle East and Africa Lead
Dr Joanne Orlando presented a practical, informative and highly relevant session to parents, providing them with achievable and valuable tips to find a family/technology balance. Her knowledge in this area is amazing and feedback received highlighted how relevant the presentation was to attendees’ own situations. Joanne was excellent to work with and made planning the event a smooth and easy process. She was friendly and professional and shared her knowledge to our community members in a warm, relaxed manner. A great speaker! (March, 2019)
— Sue Cicolini, Ipswich City Council Library Public Program Team Leader